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July 21, 2013 (Kindle)
October 30, 2013 (Paperback)
246 Pages
74,825 Words
Young Adult / Adventure / Action

- About the Novel -
The idea for Kilohertz came to me at a young age when I noticed that standing in a certain place around a radio made the signal drop out.  The fact that these signals that pass through walls yet could be stopped by the human body seemed absurd.  Because DJs would brag about their signal being generated by thousands of watts of power, I began to wonder what would happen if a person could absorb this power.

The idea was interesting enough that some of the publishing houses I shopped this book around to actually researched the idea.  When the idea for the novel itself began to crystallize I was watching a lot of anime. That  factor was the greatest influence on the story arc.  I saw Kilohertz as a one-shot anime series spanning 13 episodes and building to an exciting climax.  But I didn't want it to be cartoony, I wanted it set in the real world with real laws of physics. 

Since it's inception Kilohertz has been trimmed down from nearly 90k words to a lean mean 72k words and in the process it has become a much more well defined beast.  When I read it I can picture Satoshi, Kazuki, Allene, all of them in my head as they should be.  This book is meant to be a fun read, a casual read, and I hope you enjoy all the effort I put into turning it into a work good enough to earn my stamp of approval.

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A hundred thousand watts of power.

It's enough energy to run a home for a year, or reduce it to rubble in an instant. It's also the output of your favorite radio station.  The energy flows around us all the time, ever if it cannot be seen or felt. 

Kazuki was born with the ability to feel these radio stations.  He can take the power, and use it for himself.  The ability goes by many names; tuning, channeling, radio telepathy.  Most of all though he suspects that he's not the only one with this sixth sense. 

After years of being the only Channeler in Japan, Kazuki travels with his brother, Satoshi to America.  His wish to find other Channelers comes true when he finds people using channeling for dancing, or singing, or... fighting.  And Kazuki quickly learns that when two Channelers fight, all hell breaks loose. 

Being the only Channeler was easy but now he finds himself on the low rung of the ladder.    He's going to need his brother to pass along his army training if he's ever going to defend himself against Alden. A Channeler whose power dwarfs his own in every aspect.  But will Kazuki even be able to stand once the dust settles and will he find out along the way what it really means to be a Channeler?

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